About The Books

About The Books 2018-03-30T18:27:42-05:00

As you read the two Bragging About God books you will be drawn into each story on a personal level.

You won’t find testimonies like this anywhere else. Joni has had many struggles in her life and with each story, she reveals how God helped her master each hurdle.

Bragging About God reads like a thrilling novel with twists and turns. Each story is different from the next. Some will warm your heart and others will make it race. The books will give you insight into the amazing prophetic side of Joni’s life as God guides her way. God always gave her just one piece of the puzzle and she has had to walk it out and wait to see the end results in each situation.

There are over seventy stories which range from the sweet to the dangerous and terror-filled with God offering a way of escape or a great lesson in each circumstance. 

It is my hope that reading this book will give you evidence of God’s great love and mercy in your own life as well.

These inspiring stories will capture your imagination and attention. They could help you remember when God had been there for you too.

Many of Joni’s testimonies will help you uncover and solve similar questions and mysteries you have about your own past.

You will relate to these unique experiences which offer spiritual life lessons.

Each testimony is a unique situation. These stories will allow you to see the powerful love, grace and mercy God has for us, even to the most unlovely of us all.